Our Team



Hi I’m Mat, the creator and director of Victorian Refrigeration. I am also one of the refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. My vision is to develop one of the biggest and most successful refrigeration businesses in Victoria.


Sales Manager

Hi I’m Laurayn, I handle the hiring of all refrigeration and freezers for Victorian Refrigeration, I take the weekly minutes for the staff meetings. Most staff has said I’m an ideas woman, so I also come up with all the brilliant ideas within the business.


General Manager

Hi I’m Jenny, I’m the general manager of Victorian Refrigeration and my role here is to manage the office and the sales team. I also administrate the business development and handle the accounts.



Hi I’m Tim, I focus on the business development for Victorian Refrigeration with all the many corporate businesses. Majority of the time I am out on the road greeting and interacting with many different clients.



Hi I’m Ruby, I handle sales and administration for Victorian Refrigeration. My role within the business is to promote our preventative maintenance program which means I am constantly on the road. I also take care of all the quoting and invoicing as the administrator.